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Commercial Garage Doors & Openers

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When it comes to installing a commercial garage door for your business, you expect things to be perfect, this is your business and time is money for you. A lot of times we have seen other garage door companies not skilled for commercial installations. Call us for a first time fix and if there are adjustments needing to be made to your standards, we are here for you as well. We strive for complete satisfaction.

We can service all makes and models of commercial garage doors, manual or remote which will same you a lot of time if your business has multiple types of garage doors. We repair and service delivery (box truck) roller door panels, also known as roller shutters.

We will help you understand the differences, advantages, and disadvantages for any doors and openers as well as have documentation and brochures of colors which we will sit down and help you decide what color or type you need if you need us to help you in that decision process.



We are a full service workshop for commercial garage doors. We can install, repair and maintain your companies garage door needs. If you are needing to purchase a commercial garage door, we can help also. We supply from a local vendor warehouse so the majority of the time installations and parts can be accessed that week, sometimes even daily. We can also help you accessorize your commercial garage doors with automatic openers, door screens, new garage door hardware and other items.


There are multiple parts that need maintenance, repairs, and replacements including but not limited to the rollers, hinges, tracks, latches and other parts. We recommend yearly maintenance on your garage door. A technical inspection is needed to assess what parts need to be fixed or replaced.


NEVER attempt to repair or adjust torsion or springs as it can cause serious bodily damage.

      Emergency Repairs

Nobody can predict emergencies. Dock and bay doors can easily be damaged when there are pieces of movable machinery on the loose such as forklifts, trucks and trailers. Don't let downtime be an issue for a missed target date or sale.


Give us a call at 931-629-4723 and we will be glad to help you with your emergency needs.

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