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Automatic Gate Services

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Electric gates are a great asset to any residential or commercial property. Electric gates are both aesthetic plus a wonderful security feature. In this day and time, gates are almost a must for any home protection. They allow the operation of closures that assist us in having to manually open and close them several times a day.


Your gate might simply be an indicator bar, or it might be a heavy-duty barrier with some real stopping power – either way, electrical devices to open and close your gate truly boosts your efficiency, complements your premises, and adds peace of mind in securing your place. Electric powered gates not only allow for the installation of some truly rugged doors, it also allows remote access, telephone access, and integration with your local security set-up.



If you're gate is creaking or dragging, there may be a mechanical problem occurring.



Gates that will not open or close could be a sign of electrical problem.


Solar Panels

Automatic gates have the ability to charge via solar panels. This is especially useful if your gate is too far to run power from your house. We can troubleshoot solar issues. If you're opener does not support solar charge, we can install opener that will support solar as well as install new solar panels for you.


Automatic Driveway Openers

We install and troubleshoot technology that is underground, near your gate, that will automatically open your gate for you.


Keypad Installation

We install security keypads if you desire to input a security code in order for your gate to open.

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